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EFT for Stress

Fast Stress Relief with EFT - 30 Free Audios!   If you're looking for rapid stress relief, you've come to the right place! With our Free Audio Series based on the principles of A Course in Miracles (see below), you will learn how to identify and release what is blocking you from the peaceful, happy life you desire. In this spiritually-based series, Robin Duncan will help you move beyond the barriers between you and your happiness. She will walk you through powerful release exercises with EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques (commonly known as "Tapping") to rapidly release your negative feelings and emotions for lasting relief. As you listen, feel free to modify the words to customize them for your situation and spiritual path. All files are downloadable as our gift to you. It is helpful to listen to each file frequently, at least once a day, until all negative feelings and emotions have cleared. Check out our EFT Diagram at the bottom of the page.

EFT for Stress - 30 Days of Rapid Relief

Life Changing Rapid Release Combining
EFT, Prayer and A Course in Miracles

Free Audio Series by Robin Duncan

Listen to at least One Audio File each day
Click on the Links Below to Listen or Download for Free

With this 30 Days of EFT for Stress Relief Series, you will:
  • Experience rapid stress relief for many of life's most challenging
        topics through the use of EFT and Prayer
  • Move beyond obstacles such as self-judgment, limiting thoughts,
        self-sabotage, patterns and behaviors
  • Learn the principles of A Course in Miracles and how to apply them
        in your life for radical transformation
  • Enjoy Robin's easy-to-understand explanations and her practical
        'how-to" examples to move beyond stress and back into peace
  • Gain powerful tools to see yourself and your life differently
  • Listen to guided prayers to calm your mind and invite healing
  • Discover how to make room for Divine resolution

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Robin Duncan

Robin Duncan, Bio
Robin Duncan is a Master Trainer for EFT with the Source TechniqueTM and Certified National Instructor for Hypnotherapy with the National Guild of Hypnotists, Life Coaching on Five Topics, Guided Imagery and Sound Therapy. Robin is also a Spiritual Mentor and Lecturer on A Course in Miracles and infuses principles of the Course in her training programs. As Founder of the Miracle Center of California, Robin has helped thousands of people to release fear-based thinking, reclaim spiritual power and learn how to expect miracles as part of daily living. She is a gifted Teacher and Spiritual Mentor and lives her life according to her teachings. After 22 years in Executive Financial Management, Robin left her CFO position and made a full transition into instructing Executives, Therapists, Practitioners and Nurses on the techniques and benefits of Alternative and Holistic Healthcare.

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